CDG NYC Spotlight: How photography is used to develop emotional brand connections in healthcare


The healthcare sector is undergoing tremendous change – becoming increasingly focused on the patient, their care journey, and helping them take responsibility for their health and well-being in all areas of their lives.

This new culture of holistic healthcare demands healthcare brands to work even harder to stand out and connect with audiences. Brands are increasingly presenting more personal and authentic depictions of patient lives. Photography is a particularly powerful medium to develop an emotional connection with a brand, encouraging it to be seen as an empathetic and caring partner.

A great demonstration of this is Pfizer’sA Story Half Told’ initiative. Through unique photo essays of women living with metastatic breast cancer (mBC), we are encouraged to see the disease differently. Pfizer are making revolutionary changes in therapeutic options for mBC patients and ‘A Story Half Told’ documents multiple “photographic vignettes” of patients sharing online about their own therapeutic experiences and in doing so relate to the brand.

Professionally shot and beautifully curated, the intimacy of these photos and personal tone provides an arresting picture of the diagnosis journey. Through this lens, we are inspired, to see the disease and its impact on patients differently.

Pfizer’s approach, defined by shared images and authentic interactions, fits well with today’s consumer-centric, often digitally-driven, brand experiences, as healthcare transforms how it is defined, communicated, marketed and delivered.



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