Striking a Balance

Understanding the imperatives, nuances and requirements of naming proprietary drugs:

There are many reasons why extra care and consideration needs to be taken when attaching “ownable language” to a product’s name, and in the medical field, the issue is acutely focused on striking a balance…

What is the future of mobile?

The future of mobile is about far more than mobile. It’s about understanding a vast ecosystem of content, technology, devices, and brands and seems to all be colliding together. In order to really understand what drives the “story behind the story,” you need to speak with real-life people engaged in mobile ecosystems — we just did.

Packaging and the Principles of Disruption

Unlocking the real potential of packaging requires a ‘thinking shift’ from the tactical to the strategic, with a risk horizon that pushed normal boundaries, and intentionally challenges consumers’ traditional comfort zones, to capture their attention and gain their loyalties at the shelf.